First public tender for the construction and launch of a rocket

Copernicus Science Center has announced a public tender for the delivery of a rocket enabling the launch of ten minisatellites – CanSat. This is the first such tender in Poland and is implemented by the European Space Education Office ESERO-PL.

The subject of the tender is the construction and launch of a rocket, któThe launch will take the miniature satellites to an altitude of at least two kilometersóch kilometerów. ZamóThe project includes the preparation of technical documentation, testing of theów and a rocket launch at the training ground in Nowa Dęba. The tender is implemented within the framework of the Polish 2016/2017 edition of the CanSat competition.

CanSat is a miniature satellite, whichórego size should allow it to fit into a soda can. With its help, measurements of atmospheric pressure, air temperature, levels of ionizing radiation or even taking pictures can be carried out.

The price bids of those participating in the tender should not exceed 30 thousand euros. The rocket should have a container holding at least 10 CanSatów and their recovery system.

The first stage assumes the delivery of technical documentation including a description of the manufacturing technology, expected engine parameters, numerical simulation of the rocket's flight, the on-board computer operating algorithm and detailedóA detailed description of events during the flight -sposób engine starting, the wayób release of CanSat’ów and their recovery.

The second stage is primarily the testing of all the components of theóin and construction of the carrier rocket. The third stage will implement the launch of the rocket, whichóry is planned for early April 2017.