"Space" attractions at the Copernicus Science Center in 2022

According to Copernicus Science Center (CNK) spokeswoman Katarzyna Nowicka, in the past year the squareówka has been visited by about 1.1 million peopleób. In 2017, this result may improve, thanks to new elementsóin the program at CNK.

The plan is to involve prominent expertsóin space, with whichórymi will be available to talk to and ask any questions we have. This will be combined with multimedia shows. The first opportunity to quiz an expert will be on January 12. Professor Grzegorz Piestrzynski, who works at the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw on a daily basis, will talk about how to properly measure the Universe and what affects the accuracy of such measurementsów.

Already in April you will be able to see a film produced by the Planetarium of the Heavens of Copernicus Pt. „Hello Earth”, and in June the Earth will be viewed from space during the Science Picnic.

In the summer, the space wokół CNK will turn into a research station, whichóra will collect information on air, soil, plants and water. Constructorów while a real treat awaits. A workshop will be held, at whichórych you will be able to build your own rocket or Martian rover.