New pandemic. Body fatness affects 76 percent of. population

For years in the media mósee an epidemic of obesity. There are even quite a few programsów, whoóre fighting the problem and popularizing a healthy diet and physical activity. However, about body fatness hardly anyone mówi, because little does it know. And fattening the body leads to many dangerous diseasesób chronic, mainlyównie metabolic diseases and, as the researchers point out, is more dangerous than obesity.

About body fatness we can mówen there is too much body fat in the body. The problem affects not only obese people, in whomórych you can see it at a glance. Lean people and athletes also suffer from body fatness. Researchers estimate that this problem affects 5.5 billion waspsób in the world.

– The fatness pandemic does not spare even athletesów. In a person with a normal body weight, któr is affected by fatness, risk factors for the development of r increase significantlyóof the diseasedób chronic, as is the case with abdominal obesity – said Dr. Philips Maffetone wspóroutor of the study.

Along with body fatness, there is also the problem of under-fatness. New terms and definitions introduced by Dr. Maffetone’a, whichóry led a team of scientistsów from the Sports Performance Research Institute of New Zealand (SPRINZ) and the University of Auckland are aiming to turn the mróction on the growing problem and helpóc in the development of strategies to fight them.

However, it should be noted that underfatness is not just reduced to a national problemóin the poor and undeveloped. It also affects rich societies. This is largely about older people and those suffering from eating disorders.

The study shows that only 14 percent. living people around the world have normal levels of body fat.

The results of the study were published in the journal „Frontiers in Public Heath”.