SpaceX’s successful Falcon 9 rocket launch

The entire launch procedure went well and at 18:54 Polish time the Falcon 9 rocket took off from the Vandenberg base in California. Launched 10 satellitesóin the Iridium telecommunications system. SpaceX announced in an announcement that each of the 800+ kilograms of weightów satelliteów happily reached their target orbits.

This is the first launch after a four-month hiatus. Last September, during a routine próin order for the launch to take place in Florida, the rocket exploded. SpaceX fixed the defects and on Saturday, eight minutes after liftoff, the first segment of the rocket landed on the Just Read the Instructions platform in the Pacific Ocean.

The mission was originally scheduled for January 7, but due to poor conditionsóin atmospheric project management had to postpone the flight. The launch was preceded by a series of testów checking the safety of the mission.

Saturday’s flight with Iridium satellites is the first of seven scheduled launches ofów. SpaceX has a target of launching at least 70 of these machines into Earth orbit. The system will eventually consist of 81 satellitesów and is expected to provide high-quality data and communications services.

And you can see Saturday’s Falcon 9 launch and landing in the video below.