Moon Express company has raised funds for a flight to the Moon

Moon Express is known for being the first private company in history to receive permission from the U.S. government to land on the moon. The company’s heads have an ambitious plan to join the space agencies of the US, Russia (actually the Soviet Union) and China, które the only ones so far to land on our natural satellite.

Moon Express is a medium-sized company established in 2010. She has just managed to collect from donorsóin 45 millionóin the dollaróin, for whichóre planning to send a rover to the moon. But the company’s intentions are even more audacious. Company bosses want to create a resource extraction base on the moonóin natural satellites. They also intend to introduce a service to carry urns with the ashes of the dead to the moon. The first flight is expected to take place later this year.

– Intends to bring the Moon’s valuable resources to Earth in the near future – said wspóMoon Express founder Naveen Jain. – Our goal is to expand Earth’s economic zone to the moon, który is our greatest and unexplored ósmy continent and to enable lunar exploration at low cost – added Bob Richards, president of Moon Express.

However, before there is a mining industry on the Moon, Moon Express has a good chance to win the competition in the Google Lunar X Prize competition. 30 million is up for grabsóin dollarsów. 17 companies are participating in the competition. The condition of the competition is to land on the Moon by the end of 2017, travel a distance of 500 metersów and making and sending to Earth high quality photos and videoóin the venture.

Following on the heels of Moon Express is the Israeli company SpaceIL. They also intend to land on the Moon this year. Similar intentions are also shared by the heads of Team Indus, whichóers are counting on support from the Indian Space Research Organization to launch a rover into space. However, the subject, whoóry will reach the goal as second, will receive only five millionów dollarów.