Tesla’s autopilot passed the test. He anticipated the crash

After the fatal crash, in którym involved a caród Tesla Model S, confidence in the autopilot installed in these vehicles has dropped significantly. An unfortunate accident caused changes to the autopilot system, które primarily concerned with radar.

On May 7 in Florida, a 40-year-old driver whoóry podróHe was chewing on his Tesla Model S car using the autopilot function and suffered an accident. Caród, for unexplained reasons, drove into another vehicle with a trailer passing across it. It was on the trailer that all the blame fell. It is likely that the Model S’s algorithm interpreted the light-colored trailer as a sky and did not brake. 40-year-old man died on the spot. For more on this topic, see Musk makes changes to autopilot in Tesla cars.

This incident has cast a shadow over the entire vehicle segmentóin autonomous vehicles, i.e. one thatóre they drive a vehicle without driver involvement. However, a collision on a Dutch highway and sposób how the autopilot behaved restores faith in the entire system.

The accident can be seen in the video below, whichóry comes from a camera mounted on one of the vehiclesóin Tesla. Autopilot radar predicted the event before it happened. See for yourself.