What life is like in the coldest city in the world?

For several days, Poles have been troubled by low temperatures. As low as minus 29 degrees Celsius was recorded in Katowice on Saturday morning. However, such conditions for residents of the world’s coldest city are an innocent plaything. Ojmiakon in Siberia records the lowest temperature.

Saturday morning was the coldest this winter. Synopticians warn that such a situation may recuróburn. Temperatures have dropped well below zero across the country. In Katowice in the morning it was minus 29 degrees Celsius. Celsius. It was two degrees warmer on Kasprowy Wierch and in Suwalki. But with such conditions, residents of the world’s coldest continuously inhabited city are starting to look for their scarvesów.

Ojmiakon is a town in Yakutia in eastern Siberia. It is called the cold pole of p for a reasonónortheastern pó┼ékuli. The average temperature there in January oscillates around minus 50 st. Celsius.

The lowest temperature ever recorded there is as low as minus 71.2 degrees Celsius. Celsius. The record was set in 1926 and was only broken in 2004. In the village of Tomtor, located near Ojmiakon, minus 72.2 st was recorded. Celsius. For porón Poland, the lowest temperature recorded was in 1940 in Siedlce and was minus 41 deg. Celsius.

The name Ojmiakon means in the language of local shepherds „unfreezing water”. This is due to the hot sourceódowsing beating in the area. Once reindeer herdersów spent herd into the area to stay warm. This is how the city came to be. Today, it is inhabited by about 500 peopleób.

In the summer in the village, temperatures reaching 30 degrees of heat. However, life is much harder in winter. Exhaled vapor from the mouth at very low temperatures is as thick as cigarette smoke. Schools are closed only when the bars of the mercury fall below minus 52 degrees Celsius. C. When driving a car, it must be on all the time. After a night’s sleep, it is often necessary to light a fire under the oil pan to ignite the machine. Only Russian brands perform well in such conditions.

Frozen soil for most of the year also causes difficulties. There is no question of burying the dead. Bodies need to be smoked. There is also no mention of farming. Residents live by raising reindeerów. Life goes on as it does everywhere, but with an eye still directed at the mercury bar on the thermometer.