The world’s oldest orca is dead

Babunia was born before the First World War. Its official name is J2. It was captured in 1967, but due to its age it was released. She is believed to have been more than 100 years old.

J2 was under constant observation of biologistów. This was facilitated by its distinctive spot behind the dorsal fin, whichóra allowed her to be easily spotted. It is thanks to the study of its behavior that we know so much about the behavior of orcas. Older female herd leaders not only help care for the young of other females, but also feed the males or lead the herd when hunting.

Researchers were interested in something else besides observing the orca’s behavior. It is about menopause, whichóra is found in only three speciesóin the mammalów: in humans, orcas and krill grindwalesódcopper. Thanks to Grandmother’s observations, it has been established that social functions in orcas do not cease with the exit of reproductive age.

The J2 example was also tangible evidence against keeping these animals in captivity. Orca in an aquarium lives 20-30 years. While, as the example of Granny shows, in the wild their lifespan can exceed a hundred.