Eating eggs will reduce the risk of cancer

Thanks to eggs from hens fed with feed containing conjugated linoleic acid diene (CLA), we will be able to reduce the risk of cancer. Researchers from the University of Agriculture in Krakow are working on health-promoting foods.

Research indicates that substances in the egg inhibit the development of theój comócancerous eggs, while not harming healthy tissues.

– The idea is to produce a modified product, but not with the help of molecular biology, as in the case of GMOs, but through nutrition. To get an enriched egg, we feed the hens CLA-fortified feed. The hen then laid eggs, whichóre have an altered acid profileóThe fatty cells in theóIn comparison to normal eggs. By consuming them, we can reduce the risk of cancer – mówi Dominik Domagała from the UR Department of Food Technology.

He points out that the egg will not be a drug, but a dietary supplement, whichóry may contribute to a lower incidence of cancer. It is a health-promoting food, its purpose is to prevent disease, not cure it.

A chicken egg enriched in conjugated linoleic acid diene (CLA) was produced in a project led by Dr. Aneta Koronowicz. Now scientists are testing how the contained in the ¿óltk fatty acid affects apoptosis, or controlled cell deathórek. Apoptosis is a natural wayób eliminating comórec sick and unnecessary. The process is a plantócony, and even inhibited in the case of canceróIn, therefore, the comócrawfish live longer than others.

Dominik Domagała under a three-year grant from the National Science Center (amounting to almost 150 thousand. PLN) checks the proapoptotic mechanisms of action of CLA on selected cell linesótumor rec. Otherwise mówiąc, this grant will investigate the mechanism by which the egg obtained earlier affects the inhibition of tumorigeniców.

– Fatty acids isolated from modified egg directly induce apoptosis of cellsórek. That is, they lead to the natural death of the comórk of cancer, without harming the comórkom healthy – mówi Domagała.

The scientist studied the cell lineórkowa melanoma and leekóProf. J. K. K., a professor at the Lviv Institute ofócontrol cells, whichórymi were the correct comórki skóry. He observed that a mixture of acidóIn fatty cells isolated from ¿óA chicken egg lye enriched with CLA has no effect on comórki correct, while comótumor cells stop dividing, their proliferation, i.e. their ability to multiply, is inhibited.

From basic research to its practical application, the road is not very far. If the right investor is found, the product could hit the market within a few years after the research is completed.