A trial of strength in the Bialowieza Forest. Bison vs. wolves

A camera installed in the Bialowieza Forest recorded a brief confrontation between a pack of wolves and a herd of bison. However, it only took a moment to see who is the real king of the wilderness.

Bison fansóOnline they have certainly seen the failed próI am hunting a pack of wolvesóin, whichóra launched an attack on a herd of resting bisonów. However, this could not succeed. Wolves had to get around the taste. Król the wilderness is only one. See for yourself!

The site of the attack of the swarm is a clearing on the rock of the Bialowieza Forest in the Browsk Forest District. Here, foresters put out feed for bisonów, but it is being raked by more than just these animals. The clearing is often home to the zarówno bison, as well as other residentóin the forest. That’s why the National Forests have installed a camera there, whichóra conducts a 24-hour transmission from this section of the forest. The broadcast can be watched on Lasóin the State.

In 2013, the bison populationów around the world amounted to more than 5,200 individualsów. This is less than the polar bear population, whichóThere are currently about 20,000 of them and cfówn comparable numbers with the black rhino population – about 5,000. According to data also from 2013, there are more than 1,300 bison in Polandów.

Wolf populationóin Poland have a similar number of. Environment Ministry data móties that 1122 wolves lived in Poland in 2013. The population of this animal is steadily growing. Data shows that 15 years ago Poland had about half of today’s population.