The novel therapy worked? Remission of leukemia in two children

A group of British doctors has succeeded in curing two children of leukemia, you can read in “Science Translational Medicine”. A novel therapy with genetically modified immune cells was used in children.

The extremely promising results were reported by doctors at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital. The therapy was applied to children aged 11 and 16 months. Other methods failed, so they decided on a novel therapy. The children are currently being observed in remission of leukemia. The children were treated under the guidance of Dr. Waseem Qasim.

The therapy involves genetic modification of lymphocytesóIn T derived from donców. On the comófour genetic changes were made to the rkach. It is about depriving the lymphocyteów T the possibility of attacking the comórek of another human being and the targeting of the lymphocyte attackóin T on the comóTumor rks.

However, the results published in a reputable journal did not convince everyone. The children, in whomór which the new therapy was applied were undergoing chemotherapy at the same time. Therefore, it cannot be stated unequivocally that the application of the new method is solely responsible for the remission.

For this, the method was applied only to twoóch patients, which is technically not enough to judge the effectiveness of the therapy. Another point is that the disease is currently in remission, which does not mean that the children have been completely cured. This will only be known after a few years.

Much more research is needed on this method. However, the results bring hope to many patients around the world. This promising method may in the future contribute to the development of an easily accessible and inexpensive therapy against leukemia.