New images of a wild tribe from the Amazon forest

Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert has taken amazing photos of an indigenous tribe living in the Amazon rainforest. He took the photographs by accident, because reaching his original destination was prevented by the weather.

Stucker was flying a helicopter to take photographs for the BBC and National Geographic when the weather broke over the Amazon jungle, forcing the pilot to change course. With that, the helicopter was right on the border between Brazil and Peru. That’s where he spotted the indigenous people from the deck of the machineóin the Amazon.

These people had painted bodies and quite fidgety, even for the „civilized” people’s hairstyles. They wielded spears and bows in their hands. A photographer later recounting the incident admitted that members of the wild tribe were more curious than frightened. The photographer managed to capture the traditional buildings of the tribe. Thatched-roofed wspólny house called Maloca. Built of wood, grass and leaves.

Also being on board the Jos helicopteré Carlos Meirelles – an expert on indigenous tribes lasóin the rainy Amazon – he related the photographed tribe to similar indigenous peopleóIn the jungle captured in photos in 2008. This is probably the same group of people whoóra leads a nomadic lifestyle. Meirelles counted about 300 waspsób looking intently at the helicopter.

A similar incident occurred in mid-November. Then, too, an unknown wild tribe was captured in photographs. You can read more about it in the text Photographed one of the last wild tribes of the Amazon.

Indigenous people are threatened by górnicy illegally exploring the jungle. It is highly likely that the wkrótce will also reach their territories. Previous cases of contact „civilized” of man with wild tribes had fatal consequences. Of course, for the latter.

Outside wspóhe modern diseases for whichóre indigenous jungle inhabitants are not immune, tribes have been decimated by wealth-hungry newcomers. Therefore, the authorities’ concerns are justified. They won’t be stopped by hefty fines for trespassing in a protected area, where a tribe was photographed. Besides, on the other side of the border, no law will protect nativesów.