A new theory on the sinking of the Titanic

On the night of April 14-15, 1912, during its maiden voyage, a ship belonging to the English shipbuilding company White Star Line sank after, it was hitherto claimed, a collision with a góice r. However, according to journalist Sean Molloney’a, several interconnected factors contributed to the crashów.

Molloney 30 years investigating the Titanic disaster. He analyzed the rósorts of data and photos. And it was in several photographs from before the ship sailed from the Belfast shipyard that a trace of theóin the fire on the front part of the hull. Experts confirmed that the footprints could indicate a fire. If true, such an event could have greatly affected the strength of the hull.

Nowhere in the official information is there anything about the fire, który took place before the maiden voyage. This fact móhead had been hidden by the builders due to time pressure. The ship’s delivery date was postponed twice. To this, the Titanic was moored in Southampton in such a wayób so that the 9-meter fire trail would not be noticed by a passengerów. At least that’s what Molloney believes.

– This is not a simple story of a ship collision with a góice. It’s a detailedólny combination of extraordinary events combined: fire, ice and criminal negligence – said in an interview with „The Times” Molloney.

Most of the historianów agrees with the fire theory, który took place on krótko before the ship sank. However, some of them point out that despite the fire damage to the structure, the force of the impact was too great for Titanic móhead endure it.

Molloney Theory’a was depicted in the film „Titanic: The New Evidence” aired on January 1 on Chanel 4 on British television. Based on it, it can be deduced that the catastrophe might not have happened if not for the fire, but this cannot be 100 percent. say for sure.