What an infant sees when it opens its eyes?

A newborn baby, when it first opens its eyes, sees only a spot. It does not see any colors. It is only after a year that its eyesight comes into focus. This is shown in an animation prepared by eye surgery specialists.

The behemoth’s eyesight needs time to learn to look at the world wokół it. Experts estimate that it is about 30 times worse than an adult’s eyesight. Initially, for an infant to be able to see anything, it must be no more than about 10 centimeters awayów.

This issue was addressed by Romesh Angunawela, who works as a consultant eye surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. Together with specialists from other outpostsówek has developed an animation showing how a child’s eyesight becomes sharper with the passage of time.

The animation shows how the visual cortex begins to learn to process the flood of visual information in a child during the first year of life. Mózg neonate over time becomes accustomed to processing new types of visual information. It is only after three months that the bean can focus its eyes on the faces of its parentsów.