Smog is choking Poland

For several days, the air quality over Poland’s major cities has been abysmal. This was caused by frosts, which increased the intensity of burning anything in the stove. On the other hand, the wind that blew the pollution away has weakened.

PM2.5 dust standards in Warsaw have been exceeded by nearly 1,000 percent. It was even worse in Krakow – according to someór data, standards were exceeded by 1,500 percent.. And the situation will get even worse. Furnace emissionsów will grow, as meteorologists forecast continued frostsóin at least the middle of the week. Wind will also be scarce.

Authorities warn against going outside in particularólnie people with diseases of Dróg respiratory, but also the elderly and children. Therefore, it is better to avoid walkingów. It is also necessary to give up sportsóin the air. The dose of dust ingested during exercise can be more dangerous than the benefits of sports.

Yesterday, permissible standards were exceeded in almost all of Poland w: Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Suwałki, Toruń, Płock, Radom, Łódź, Piotrków Trybunalski, Lublin, Przemyśl, Tarnów, Wrocław, Kalisz, Rzeszów, Kielce, Katowice or Gliwice.

For the bad state of the air we got from foreign Medów. "Financial Times" named Poland as Europe’s smog capital. A British newspaper cited data from the World Health Organization, according to which theórych, of the world’s 50 most polluted cities, 33 are from Poland. „FT” He also reported that in recent days in southern Poland the concentration of harmful dustóIn was greater than in Beijing.