Poles discovered the first supernova this year

The supernova was discovered on January 1 in the galaxy UGC 10104 in the constellation Corona PóNorth. This was done with the help of a telescope at Rating’s private observatory in Italy. Behind the discovery are Grzegorz Duszanowicz and Michal Zolnowski. The latter includes an observatory in Italy.

Both astronomy enthusiasts have considerable achievements to their credit. Wspólnie have discovered three supernovae. Dushanovich himself discovered 10 of them.

– We are very pleased with our discovery. This is quite an effort not only related to the search itself, which required Benedictine patience, but róAlso related to the maintenance of the remote observatory – said Michal Zolnowski in an interview with PAP.

– Each observation is preceded by careful planning in which part of the sky the search will be conducted. Often our search is a bit of a race, especially with Japanese teams, whichóre enjoy the privilege of having night come to them a few hours earlier and being able to spot a new object in their skies earlier, Zolnowski added.