90 million for the "Innovative Recycling" program

The website of the National Center for Research and Development says that the funding under the program „Innovative Recycling” will be granted to entrepreneurs or consortia of companies to implement projectsów, które will include industrial research and experimental development or exclusively the latter.

The aforementioned companies or enterprises, whichóre will introduce innovative solutions for waste reuseów, will be able to count on project funding of up to 18 millionóin PLN.

– Many of the materialsów can be reused, e.g. to build a dróg and shaftóin flood control, which is beneficial zaróboth for the economy and the environment. Recycling, one of the most common forms of environmental protection, will help improve the quality of Poland's water, soil and air, as well as allow domestic entrepreneurs to reap the economic benefits of making full use of wasteóin m.in. from wood, glass, non-ferrous metals or wasteóin coal mining – said referring to the Innovative Recycling program Minister of Science and Higher Education Jaroslaw Gowin.

– One of the areasóin the thematic competition is recycling materialóin construction. We are looking for entrepreneursóin recovering aggregates from wasteóin e.g. for construction or for the production of multi-material mixtures. We will support the róincluding thoseóers form m.in. technologies for the disposal of materialsów containing asbestos and produce air purification materials from wood waste. Beneficiaries of the program will develop modern technologies for using wasteóin, whichóre will reduce environmental risks to a minimum – móIn turn, Professor Maciej Chorowski, director of the National Center for Research and Development, said.

Applications for funding can be submitted from February 28 to April 21, 2017. „Innovative Recycling” This is one of nine programsóin sectoral projects to be announced and carried out by the NCRD in 2017. Detailsóhe detailed information about the competition is available on the NCRD website.