Ways to cite a dissertation in APA


You all have used the APA (American Psychological Association) of citation style. In general life, a citation is used for answering four questions: who, when, what, and where. These questions were asked based on work created. For citing a dissertation APA, you have to add some information which is depending on the basic publishes. The information should explain the facts that the essay should be published or not. There are some ways which help in writing the dissertation in APA.

Writing in text citation

  • List the name of the author: In this citation, you are provided to write the name of the author after writing the information from the reference. You have to write the last name of the author. There is no need to include the original text citation unless necessary the difference between two authors with the same last which is published in the same year. If in the content there is more than one author is there then you have to use commas to separate their name.
  • Write the year of publication: It is most necessary that you have to write the year of publication. You need to follow the last name of the author with comma. If the dissertation is unpublished, then the year will help you in finding the year in which the essay was written. If you have two authors with different year about the dissertation, then you have use separate semi-colon. For example: (John, 1995; Gorge, 1999).
  • Page number: You have to put the comma after writing the year. Then there is a need to write the page number on the dissertation. If the thesis may contain single page the write “p,” or if it contains multiple pages then you need to write “pp.” Finish your page number with adding the name of author for example: “(John, 1995, p. 76)” or “(John, 1995, p. 76; Gorge, 1999, pp. 103-199)”.
  • Integrate the author name into text possible: Sometime in your sentence, if you write the name of an author then it makes your content better. If you have already put the name of the author in the sentence, then you can also write the year in another sentence. In some content, there is more than one author have written that dissertation then you need to use the word “and” rather than other words,

These are the ways which help you inciting a dissertation APA. Hopefully, you may understand the above content, or if you have any problem, then you can check it on the internet.